German Shepherds

The Great German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog is a breed that makes excellent police dog, guard dog, military dog, guide dog for the blind, and also a rescue dog. It is well known for its loyalty, courage, and guarding instincts. At Noble Veterinary Surgeons we have dog veterinary services that we offer.

We have the best and affordable dog veterinary services in Nairobi and Kenya at large. From our expertise in dog veterinary services, we have come up with ten reasons why you should go for German shepherds. These reasons are;

  • Easy to train; German shepherds are very well known for being intelligent which means that they are very easy to train for whatever purpose you may need them to do for you. They love challenges and are always ready and open to learning and pleasing their owners.

  • Love and Loyalty; German shepherd is one of the most loving and loyal breeds on earth. They will always protect you from anything even risking their lives to save you. Their love is truly unconditional and their devotion knows no limits. They live their life in devotion to their family.

  • Very intelligent; It is a well- known fact that German shepherds are highly intelligent. They can learn and do any task given to them. That why most of them are used as police dogs all over the world due to their high intelligence and versatility.

  • German shepherds are all-weather dogs; They can tolerate any type of weather because they have a double coat that enables them to do so.

  • Highly adaptable; In whatever kind of lifestyle and living situation, German shepherds are very adaptable. You don’t have to adjust your lifestyle while getting a German shepherd, it can easily adjust itself and suit your lifestyle.

  • Very healthy; German shepherd is one of the healthiest dog breeds. They love to exercise and that’s why they are always free from weight problems. If given proper nutrition and veterinary care they can live up to thirteen years.

  • Great family dogs; German shepherds love children so much. When socialized from a young age they are very great with kids. They make great best friends, playmates, and even guardians at home.

  • The German shepherd is one of the top guard dog breeds; They are well known to protect and save their family from enemies. Having served as a police dog for decades they know how to keep their family safe.

  • The German shepherd is high on energy levels; The energy level is always so high that they don’t get tired so soon.

  • Great adventure buddies; Since German shepherd is so easy to train and also very confident, they are perfect companions for exploring parks, beaches, and going on hikes too. They love nothing more than to sniff out and explore new places.

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