Why do Cats Sleep so Much?

Why do Cat Sleep so much?

Cats sleep an average of 16- 20 hours every day. Yes, in a world of cats getting enough rest is a top priority! There are some reasons why cats sleep too much such as;

  • For that cool down mode that is regulating their body temperature

  • For energy conservation is believed to be one of the main reasons for the cats’ long periods of sleep.

  • Hunting; Hunting requires energy, so sleep is always needed to conserve and recharge energy for the next hunt adding on the stress factor of a cat being both predator and prey and that is undoubtedly exhausting.

  • All the sleeping is something in a cats’ genes; it is a result of the cat’s evolution, nutritional habits, and physiology.

  • Another thing is that cats aren’t always sound asleep; three-quarters of their sleep the cat is always snoozing most of the time. They take the rest they need though they are always still alert enough to awaken at a moment’s notice.

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