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Farm Veterinary Services

The Noble Veterinary Surgeons offers a range of fam vet services to our esteemed clients. We strive to accommodate every farmer within our scope to ensure a healthy farm ecosystem capable to rear farm animals to desired results. We provide the following farm vet services:

  • Herd Health

  • Dehorning

  • Cow/calf care

  • Artificial Insemination

  • Health Certification

  • Pregnancy Diagnosis

  • Vaccination Programs

  • Surgeries

  • 24-Hour Emergency Services

Herd Health Vet Services

A herd health plan is an essential part of farming and there is a need for both farmers and vets to be responsible by having one in place. This plan helps vets understand how you run your farm and make it easier for us to advice accordingly when need arises.

At The Noble Veterinary Surgeons, it is more than just signing a paper! Kindly give us a call or visit our clinic where we can help you come up with a Herd Health plan for your farm as well as revise your existing one.

Cow/Calf Care

The Noble Veterinary Surgeons understands that caring for your cattle herd can be both rewarding and challenging. Our support for cattle ranchers focuses on quality customer service, including herd management, wellness care, surgery, reproductive services, farm calls, and after-hours emergency care. We also perform cosmetic surgical procedures, such as de-horning bulls

Note that, Proper cow care and calf care programs are an essential part of the success in your farm animals’ venture. Calf rearing requires attention to detail and the Noble Veterinary Surgeons ensures that goes uncompromised.


Dehorning is the process of removing horns once they have formed from the horn bud. This practice is common in cattle rearing and proper dehorning methods should be applied to mitigate risks. Examples of physical dehorning methods are such as guillotine shears, high tension bands, embryotomy wire, and dehorning knives, tubes, cups and saws.

Dehorning of an adult cattle’s is highly associated with bleeding, prolonged wound healing & infections as well as increased risks of sinusitis.

Artificial Insemination

We offer AI services to farmers while also advising them on the variety of sires available as per different breeding selection strategies. Semen can be stored and shipped, it’s a big advantage to farmers as they can access the best semen quality from anywhere in the world.

Note that Artificial insemination is an alternative way to breed animals. Our veterinarian practice can also help you determine if artificial insemination is the best method of reproduction for your animal.

Give us a call and we at The Noble Veterinary Surgeons will be at your service.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

As The Noble Veterinary Surgeons we really ensure, no matter the emergency and time of the day, our clients have a safe and reliable place to turn to. Our clients can therefore contact or reach out to us in case they have an emergency and can be rest assured their animals will be offered treatment.

We provide emergency care for any level of a pet emergency. Whether illness or injury of animals we are prepared and our hospital is a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet all of our client needs. We strive to provide our clients with prompt, attentive, compassionate and personal service from the very first moment. This includes establishing a quick, clear method of communication to the veterinarian care when possible. We want you to be informed throughout the process because we know how important your animal is to you and your family.

Enjoy The Noble Veterinary Surgeons 24-hour care and monitoring by our veterinarian.

24-Hour Emergency Services

We offer pregnancy diagnosis services for your farm animals and pets. Farmers are now taking advantage of early pregnancy diagnosis as early as 6 weeks after mating. Early diagnosis is an integral part of farm management practices. Among other benefits, the farmer is able to determine whether the animal has conceived from a viable AI sire or natural mating.

At The Noble Veterinary Surgeons we advocate for early pregnancy diagnosis to help you budget and plan for heifer replacement in the next year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Noble Veterinary Surgeons Location is:

South C Branch:

Five Star Road, in South C area of Nairobi, Kenya

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Amani Road, Membley, Kiambu Kenya

Yes, we charge for veterinary services consultation done at our veterinary clinic

Among the list of  veterinary services is: Wellness checkups, Large animals, Veterinary Surgery, Vet Diagnosis, Pet Vaccination, Veterinary Lab Service, Pet Veterinary, Emergency veterinarian Response service

We deal with farm animals, domestic animals, and pets. This includes but not limited to Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses, farm animals, pets.
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Yes, we treat Birds Too.

Yes, we administer all dog vaccinations.

Yes, We Offer Vet on Call Service to clients within Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado, Machakos, and their environs at an extra cost. Mobile Veterinary Services are provided on appointment.

Yes, The Noble Veterinary Surgeons offer Veterinary Services for Farm Animals. We treat cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chicken, and other farm animals.
Farm Animals Veterinary Services

Yes, We Provide Emergency Vet Services

We offer our vet services in Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado, Machakos, and their environs.

Yes, we administer all cat vaccinations

If you have any other questions, please contact us